This consortium brings together 756 institutions of AKTU affiliated/associated/constituent Institutions located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Nalanda e- Consortium is the dream project of the university, to promote the use of e-Resources to its affiliated institutions to get access an affordable cost. The consortium aims at strengthening the collection of e-Resources in every institution and to enable their faculty and students to access scholarly information on their fingertips


  • Bring qualitative change in teaching, learning and research with an aim to meet the ever growing challenges of globalization of higher education;
  • Increase the research productivity of the institutions both in terms of quality and quantity of publications;
  • Promote interaction and inter institution co-operation in sharing the resources and facilities extended by the AKTU Consortium;
  • Provide access to the high-quality, computer software and scholarly electronic resources to the member institutions evolving competitive pricing models at most favorable terms and conditions;
  • Promote rapid and efficient access to scholarly content and other electronic teaching and learning resources among the member institutions;
  • Impart training to the students, research scholars, faculty members and librarians of the member institutions in using electronic teaching & learning and e-Resources efficiently;
  • Evaluate the usage of the subscribed/purchased resources from time to time and to identify new resources that are required to be subscribed/purchased under the programme;


The consortia-based acquisition/subscription to e-Resources, Software and  Teaching & Learning resources is a viable solution for increasing the use of  electronic resources across Technical Institutions at a competitive rate of  purchase/subscription. 

The major benefits of AKTU Consortium are as follows: 

i. The AKTU Consortium will acts as a single-window service for Technical  Institutions with their diverse research and academic interest; 

ii. The AKTU Consortium, with its collective strength of participating  institutions, has attracted competitive rates of purchase/subscription with  most favorable terms of agreement for a wider range of resources; 

iii. The AKTU Consortium is expected to enable remarkable increase in sharing of e-Resources, Software and Teaching & Learning resources amongst the participating institutions. 

iv. The research productivity of beneficiary institutions is expected to  improve with increased use of electronic facilities/ resources; and 

v. The AKTU Consortium shall also benefit all other non AKTU  Affiliated public/private Technical Institutions, Polytechnics as its Associate Members.

Need and Relevance of Library Consortium:

i.  Diminishing Print-based Subscription

ii.  Threats from E-print Archives and Open Access Journals

iii.  Technology-driven Revolution: Publishers and Users

iv.  Increase in Scientific Productivity Across the UP Country as well as in India

v.  Libraries are already Committing Larger Portion of their Budgets on Electronic Resources

vi.  Rising Cost of Journals, Diminishing Budget & Increased Users Demand

Advantages of Consortia:

i.  Consortia-based subscription to electronic resources provides access to wider  number of electronic resources at substantially lower cost; 

ii.  Optimum utilization of funds.

iii.  Facilities to build up digital libraries and better Services

iv.  Cost Sharing for Technical and training support

v.  Electronic Journals demand neither library space nor shelving costs nor can they  be stolen from the library 

vi.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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